Q: Please explain subminimum wage.
A: With a DVR referral, trainees gain hard skills and pay based on performance, measured against non-disabled workers industrial standards for tasks (Time Studies). Your pay will start off at 35% of the prevailing wage. At 30-days, a time study will be conducted. If, at that time, your productivity is above 35% of a typical non-disabled employee performing the same job, your pay will be increased and the increase is retroactive to your first day of work. After your initial 30 days on the job, time studies will be conducted on a quarterly basis and your pay will be adjusted in accordance with your performance rate. Once a trainee reaches 70% of the accepted production rate, they are ready to be referred back to DVR for employment services.

Q: How long are the training programs?
A: Because we do not refer a trainee back to DVR for employment services until they reach approximately 70% production rate, each training experience and the length of the program will be different. Typical training programs last 12 to 18 months.

Q: After taking the tour, what is the next step?
A: Contact your DVR counselor to inform them which training program you would like to participate in. They will schedule an Intake & Assessment meeting with our VR Coordinator. Once the Intake & Assessment has been completed and all the necessary paperwork has been obtained, a start date will be determined.

Q: Are the work schedules flexible?
A: From time to time, we accommodate flex work schedules for high school obligations. However, work schedules are set due to the demands of the individual training program and the changing of individual work schedules is discouraged.