Q: What are your program hours?
A: Program hours are 7:30 am – 2:30 pm.

Q: Is lunch provided in the program?
A: No, lunch is not included. However, lunch may be available for a fee.

Q: Is transportation to and from the program provided?
A: Most participants arrive and depart via Handi-Van. There is limited transportation provided for some participants in close proximity to the program.

Q: What is the cost for services?
A: Most participants receive funding through the Department of Health. TLC also accepts private pay if a participant does not qualify for other sources of funding.

Q: How will I know if TLC is the right program for my loved one?
A: We recommend that you take a tour to determine if TLC is the right fit. TLC will also work with you on a transition plan to allow your loved one time to acclimate to the program.