More than able.

Everyone deserves the chance to see what they’re capable of. For some adults with disabilities, that might mean developing basic life skills. For others, it may mean undergoing job coaching to perfect interviewing and resume techniques. Some may even go the distance and land a job at a local business, starting their career journey. Regardless of the path taken, our customized options at Lanakila Disability Services empower people with disabilities to know no limits.

Inspiring strides of independence

A long-time participant at Teaching & Learning Centers, David looks forward to coming to program to create art projects, work on his journaling and see his best friends. He’s taken the lessons he learned to heart, working outside the classroom with Hawaii Self Advocacy Advisory Council to promote inclusion for adults with disabilities across the island.

“Program helps me. I’ve been working on my communication. I like coming every day, five days a week.”
Adult Day Health Program
This weekday program creates a gathered place for those seeking personalized disability services in Hawaii. From personal hygiene to early money management, we ensure individuals feel more confident building social and cognitive skills.
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Employment Services
No matter one’s interests or experience we can help prep and train individuals with disabilities for jobs that interest and suit them. Beyond job readiness classes, we also work one-on-one for tailored guidance so they may confidently start their career.
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