Create goodness through your giving.

Any donation, no matter the amount, helps improve lives. By delivering meals to more kupuna, providing more learning opportunities for people with disabilities, and fostering more independence through job skills training, your generosity makes “more” possible.

To make a monetary donation, please fill out the form. For non-monetary donations, see “Donations Wish List” below. Mahalo for your support!


Donation Wish List

Lanakila Kitchen

  • Small plastic square packaging (non-sealable)
    Our condiments need a home when they’re on the road. Small packaging ensures our condiments, teas, sugars, etc. arrive neatly for our customers.

Meals on Wheels

  • Senior appropriate exercise equipment.
    We want our seniors to be as fit and healthy as possible! We welcome donations of lightweight, easy to store, senior appropriate exercise equipment (in orange, if at all possible)—foam tubes, exercise bands, small wrist or ankle weights (2lbs), etc.  If these items also happen to be Meals on Wheels orange, that would make our year!
  • Storage and cleaning items to upkeep fitness equipment
    We want to keep the donated equipment in great condition! Cleaners and racks would be greatly appreciated!
  • 6 projectors
    Our group dining sites could offer high quality educational services to seniors. Nutritional classes are conducted for seniors on a regular basis.
  • 10 iPads
    Group Dining seniors can learn about senior health and nutritional issues using an interactive platform like an iPad.

Help provide educational supplies for adults with disabilities. Each item is a basic building block in helping them learn skills to become more independent.

  • Pens
  • Folders
  • Notebooks
  • Card stock
  • Scrapbooking supplies

To donate these items, please email cr@lanakilapacific.org to set up a drop off time.