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There is nothing like the feeling of working hard and succeeding at attaining one’s goals. We celebrate these moments. Lanakila Employment Services provides hands-on training to empower individuals with disabilities. We show them how they can thrive on their own, with just a little help.

Our Program

In our job readiness classes and training sessions, participants fine-tune social and vocational skills. Coupled with individualized plans and coaching, these confidence-building experiences pave the start of their career path.

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How it Works

Our services are available to anyone who have a DVR counselor and whose cognitive or physical disability makes it challenging to gain job experience.
Intake & Assessment
Participants may apply for employment services through their DVR counselor. We will then schedule an interview and and site tour to better understand the individual’s needs and goals.
Our individualized training and guidance help individuals with disabilities feel motivated and prepared to achieve their career goals. From the classroom to hands-on experience, participants finish our program knowing where they want their next steps to take them.

We Build Foundations

Set up to succeed.

Working one-on-one with the job readiness team taught Tianna how to be prepared and organized, a valuable skill she now uses every day as a substitute elementary school teacher. Her ultimate goal is to use her experience to secure a full-time position in an office setting.

“The classes help people feel more confident. You get lots of advice!”

A sense of responsibility.

As a member of the summer training program, Ronald fine tuned technical and social skills while working at locations such as Hawaii Foodbank. With this new experience under his belt, he felt prepared to enter the working world, landing a position as a food service worker at Lanakila Kitchen.

Ronald's family says they've seen a huge change in his confidence since his training, especially in initiating and maintaining conversations. He has been inspired to work toward getting a larger role in a kitchen in the coming years.

"I look forward to seeing people at work. I like to pass out plates! I scoop up sauce for the spaghetti, I wash the dishes, I wash the bags, and mop the floor!"

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