Q: Are meals delivered hot or cold?
A: Meals are delivered frozen and ready to eat after a few minutes of reheating. Frozen meals last longer and can be stored safely until they are needed.

Q: How often are meals delivered?
A: Our volunteer drivers deliver meals once a week. Kupuna find this schedule more convenient since they are not required to be home every day waiting for meals to arrive.

Q: Can I request my delivery to be on a certain day of the week?
A: Delivery days vary by neighborhood and volunteer availability. Please call to see if your request can be accommodated.

Q: What if I’m not going to be home for my meal delivery?
A: Please call us at 356-8519 to let us know as soon as you know you will not be home.

Q: What kind of meals are available?
A: We strive to provide meals that appeal to local kupuna. Our meals were developed by a registered dietician to ensure that they are healthy and nutritious. A complete meal will include an entrée, starch, vegetable, fruit, low-fat milk, wheat bread and margarine.

Q: Do you offer medically prescribed diets such as diabetic, renal or gluten-Free?
A: No, we do not currently provide special medical diets. All of our meals meet USDA guidelines for kupuna and meet or exceed one-third of the Recommended Daily Allowances. Please consult with your medical provider if you have any concerns with eating USDA compliant meals.

Q: Do you offer temporary meal services? I will be traveling and would like to purchase and pick up meals for my parents.
A: Yes. Complete meals are available for purchase for $8.50 a meal. Please call 356-8519 to place your order and arrange for pick up at our Bachelot Street location.

Q: How do I get home delivered meals?
A: There are a number of services provided through the Aging and Disability Resource Center for eligible kupuna, including meals, bathing services, assistance with cleaning/chores, and visitation. You can inquire about these services and the eligibility requirements by calling the Kupuna Helpline: 768-7700.

Kupuna also frequently qualify for meals through their healthcare provider. We work with a number of carriers including Kaiser, Ohana, UHC, HMSA and AlohaCare. A senior’s doctor or care coordinator could make a referral and authorize meals to be delivered by Lanakila Meals on Wheels. Please contact your doctor or care coordinator.

Lastly, if the kupuna or family can afford to purchase meals out of pocket, Lanakila Meals on Wheels has a private pay service where meals can be purchased on a monthly basis. Please call Lanakila Meals on Wheels at 356-8519 to set up private pay.

Q: How do I volunteer?
A: The first step is completing the Volunteer Application which is available online on the Lanakila Meals on Wheels website. We will follow up with you if any other information is needed after we receive your application.